Havensingel Headquarters

Havensingel Headquarters was the first edition of the …Headquarters project. In the commission of BrabantWonen and in collaboration with Tante Netty en Laura van den Broek We got started in the courtyard of de social housing complex. The courtyard is all stone and weeds and it connects the complex to sheds that are intended as storage for the residents of the complex.


Social Design


Havensingel, Den Bosch

We started by tackling the main question:

How can we make the courtyard of the social housing complex greener together with the residents? 

As a social designer, I prioritize placing people at the centre of my projects, and this one was no exception. Our action plan starts with the end user, specifically the residents of the complex. It is crucial to understand the residents’ needs to determine how they could benefit from this project. To achieve this, we held coffee meet-ups to prompt casual interactions and to get to know each other better. It became evident that a green environment was only one of the potential outcomes, as the residents’ needs were diverse and unique to each individual. 

To make the project inclusive and easily accessible, we placed notice boards in the hallway of the complex with the question, “What would your ideal courtyard look like?” The response was overwhelming, with two notice boards filled with ideas, desires, and requirements. We identified four key values from this feedback, which served as the foundation for the initial Headquarters.