Waste Welcome

I joined forces with Tante Netty in a battle against plastic waste through the project Waste Welcome. Our main goal was to bring the neighbourhood together, encourage recycling and reduce waste. And the results? A stronger sense of connection between neighbours, the creation of art objects from recycled plastic and promising plans for the near future. 


Social Design


Hambaken, Den Bosch

Over the course of a year, I actively gathered plastic alongside the residents of Hambaken in Den Bosch. Together, we managed to collect over 200 kilograms of plastic! This plastic was then shredded, melted, and repurposed in Sparkling Plastic‘s workplace. Our initiative not only helped clean up the neighbourhood but also created a more conscientious mindset about plastic waste and brought neighbours closer together. 


During four different sessions, we had very fruitful conversations with the neighbours about what they wanted to do with the collected plastic. They were given the freedom to help decide what would be created for the community. We discussed the shapes, colours and styles that they preferred, and what would fit best in their neighbourhood. In the end, we have successfully crafted four unique objects that truly represent the essence of our neighbourhood. These objects have been created using plastic waste materials collected from the local area, and most importantly, with the active participation of the residents throughout the entire process.

Waste Welcome is a collaboration between social design agency Tante Netty, social designer Hanneke Gerrits and Sparkling Plastic. 

Special thanks to the municipality of s’-Hertogenbosch and the Vriendenloterij Foundation.